Online casinos' bonuses

If you have always wondered about online casinos and their bonuses, read this guide. A bonus is actually virtual money that needs to be spent on playing select games in a casino. This bonus is given by casinos to get new players, and to encourage existing ones to play and bet more. Every bonus has some terms and conditions and you can read about them on .

Welcome Offer and Bonus

When you create your casino account for the first time, you might receive a Deposit or No Deposit Bonus in your Welcome Offer. This package might include some free spins also. A deposit based bonus comes to you only when you make a minimum deposit. A matching deposit bonus means your bonus amount will match your deposit. If you deposit $10, your bonus amount would be the same amount.

In many cases, your deposit bonus would not be a 100% match. For example, when you deposit $10, you might receive $10 or more. Casinos often give several deposit based bonuses in their initial welcome offer. A No Deposit Bonus means you get this 'money' even if you haven't made any deposits. Free spins come in two ways, and these can also help you win large sums of money.

  • Redeem your bonus with a coupon code
  • You will receive this code through email
  • Input your coupon code in the cashier section of your casino and use your bonus

Free Spins and Wagering Requirements

You can receive some free spins right when you create your free account. In other cases, your casino can give you these only after you have made your first deposit. On your second deposit, you might get some free spins again, and so on. Please note that these free spins might be 100% free or come with certain wagering requirements laid down by your casino.

The wagering requirement explains how to use your free spin or your deposit/ no deposit bonus. If your bonus amount is $10, your casino might insist that you wager x2,x3, x4 or higher on selected games. This is a pretty universal rule on bonus redemption, and this is how casinos ensure that only serious players use their bonuses. Some gambling websites cap bonus related earnings.

High Roller Bonuses

The bonuses that common players receive don't satisfy high rollers. These are players who take big risks and wager very big sums of money on casino games. High rollers want higher bonuses and this is where high roller bonuses come in. Typically, these bonuses are upwards of $1,000. Since the risk is higher, the associated rewards too are greater. High rollers are one of the main sources of casinos' revenues.

Reload Bonuses for loyal players

Once you have made your first deposit, casinos expect you to reload this money frequently; weekly, fortnightly or monthly. When you top up your casino money, you can receive a reload bonus. This 'virtual money' can be 100 % of what you have deposited or may even exceed it. Reload bonuses also come with several terms and conditions and are a great way of keeping players hooked to their casinos.

  • If gambling for the first time, never lay bets on public Wi-Fi

VIP Programs and bonuses

Many VIP programs offer you fantastic bonuses subject to certain conditions. To become a VIP player, you need to play long enough on your casino, and accumulate enough points. Getting these redemption points is not difficult because your casino would want you to stick around. When you have sufficient points, redeem them to get special VIP bonuses and other benefits such as a personal account manager, etc.

Other online casino bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses can be received in other ways also. If you liked the Facebook page of a casino, you might get this free bonus. Friend referrals can also get you a No Deposit Bonus. Sometimes, casinos encourage you to open your account by depositing money with a specified gateway; this also gets you a special bonus. Also , look out for the various seasonal offers rolled out by casinos.